Cavern Cheese Club


cavern cheese club ~great wedding gift

join cavern cheese club and you will be the lucky recipient, or make someone feel incredibly special by giving the gift of eating well.

options available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions:

1.fromagere selected cheese, approximately 700g of choicest cheese cost: 95.00/month

2.fromagere selected cheese+one choice charcuterie, approximately 500g of choicest cheese & 175g artisanal charcuterie cost: 95.00/month

3.pairing of the month, approximately 300g of fromagere selected choicest cheese & its perfect preserve accompaniment cost: 55.00/month

what you receive:

• artisanal product carefully selected by cavern fromagere

• tasting notes

• wine pairing recommendations

• delivery*

Sign-up in person at cavern, via email or call us at 780-455-1336.


*Delivery included if address is within 3km radius of Cavern.