SPUD Delivery


Cavern has partnered with SPUD delivery, an online grocery delivery company, to bring a selection of cheeses to your door.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with choice when selecting cheese? Why not leave the decision making to the experts! Enjoy three pieces of cheeses selected by the experts from cavern.

Current Cheese Platters


French Proper

 A variety of three artisan cheeses from French Fromageries
Example: Comté • French Raclette • French Camembert


For the Love of Quebec

 A variety of three artisan cheeses from Quebecois Fromageries
Example: Sno Goat • Le Noble • Le Douanier


Aged + Fabulous

 A variety of three aged artisanal cheeses, both local and international.
Example: Old Amsterdam Gouda • Sardo • Crotenese




Visit SPUD.ca for more information, or to place your order!